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[Ashley was never one for deal with this sort of thing. Then again, none of them were, right?

The nightmarescape consisted of a large forest, and wasn't anything close to a pleasant one. It had most definitely not proven itself to be anything close to Eden, with brambles and branches twisting every which way underneath the glow of a full moon. It was a surprisingly beautiful affair, yet in a fashion that's clearly both feral and and wild in nature. Untamed. Overgrown. There was almost a sense that the area itself was living and breathing, and Ashley...clumsy as she may be, was savvy enough to recognize that.

So, there's a dilemma here. She needs a place to camp out, but there needs to be no hint of repercussion from the forest for what she was about to do. Thankfully, being a "magical girl" makes building a fire about 100x easier. In no time, she's used her wand to cast a flame onto a patch of dirt on the ground, maintaining it and ensuring that it doesn't latch on to any sort of wildlife.

There, she sits and waits. For what, she's unsure of. There'd have to be some sort of familiars or something showing up eventually, right?]
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OOC Information

Player: Lepo
Contact Information: [ profile] lepowned or PMing this journal

The Great Ashley

Canonpoint: Post-Game and Wario
Age: 15
Wish: "I wish I...had an easy way to make friends!"
Result: Placing her in the game environment, forcing her to work with others on a regular basis
Weapon: Wand, capable of summoning/creating magical minions
Outfit: Can be seen here. Ashley's hair will also grow white whenever she uses her power.


» Regeneration - Ashley's passive ability provides minor healing and regeneration. to her and allies who choose to stand by her. This will provide a soothing and constant light healing effect to those around her, while it gradually grows weaker as she grows damaged. This would not be enough for things that require serious medical care, but standing around her could quickly heal minor cuts and bruises. ...Which would go well with her active ability.

» Minion Creation - Ashley will be able to, by exerting her own energy, be able to create simplistic constructs from her wand to attack for her. These will all be dark red to signify their allegiance to her, and will be extremely weak and are not capable of more than a few basic commands/actions. More often than not, these minions will be based on the existing enemies in Mario-World Lore. But as she grows and uses her imagination, she will be able to will many more objects into existence.

This power will grow with Ashley, and she will become capable of creating more intricate minions based on how much she exerts herself. With little effort, she could create basic things like Goombas or Bob-Ombs that are easily defeated or knocked aside, but by exerting herself fully to the point of passing out, she could create more intricate boss monsters.

So, for example, Ashley might use this power casually to have a minion go fetch her a book or something, or have it perform a simple action (i.e. kicking a Koopa Shell at her opponent). By fully exerting herself, she could create an intricate construct based on much more hulking characters like Petey Piranha or Bowser. However, overdoing this could lead to her passing out - and all the constructs will fade away with her.


Fourth-walling: Go for it. My other Mario-verse canonmate is cool with it.
Backtagging: Always.
Threadhopping: Yes.
Threadjacking: Nearly always fine by me. Run it by my partner too.
Offensive Subjects: Please stick a CW on all sexual abuse posts. IC-ly, I'm game with anything but please tag everything with that.

Shipping w/ this character: It'll take one of time or really good chemistry, but I'm interested. Get in touch.
Hugging this character: Feel free. Beware that touching in general is awkward for Ashley.
Kissing this character: Same as above. Expect to be humiliated if you try this without CR.
Flirting with this character: See above.
Fighting with this character: Allowed, but let's talk about it first!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Black eye and wound level, sure. This is more iffy if it's going to be hospitalization-level.
Killing this character: Talk to me about this first,  let's plot.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure.
Hypnosis/Possession: Plot with me on this/hit me up with exactly you want to go down.

And always feel free to hit me up if you wanna plot anything!

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1x Stuffed Rabbit (Voodoo Doll-esque, the head can be popped on and off)

1x Feather Crown (made up of Pittoo's feathers and one of Shadow's quills)

cr chart

Sep. 23rd, 2015 01:33 am
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grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize

Who even is this. This is not okay. She enjoys his aesthetic, at the very least, but still.

(secretly thinks that he's cute)
Luigi Mario
A coward. He's a polite coward, but a coward nonetheless. Scared of his own shadow. Won't last more than days at best.

(secretly thinks that he's more capable than he lets on)

Callie Kubodera
Kind of annoying. Possible squid hybrid.

(secretly thinks that she's a BFF candidate)

Betrayus Spheros
Pittoo Geminos
His feathers are pretty.

(secretly has a boyband crush. would hang a poster of him in her room.)

Clair Tarasque
Hate. Mortal enemy. Don't stop hating. Haters gonna hate.

(secretly likes her hair)
Yomiel Schrodinger
Looks like Johnny Bravo. Has an odd reaction to possible discovery of secrets. Potentially evil.

(secretly thinks he's rocking those shades)

Hinawa Westwood
Stop being nice. You're too nice. Go away.

(secretly reminds Ashley too much of her own mother)

Wiitney F. Trainer
This woman is quite possibly either a cultist or a mental hospital escapee.

(secretly admires her dedication)

Lon'qu Ronkuu
Nephenee Marigold
Her accent is dumb.

(secretly thinks her hair is prettier than clair's, even if it doesn't take much)

Mac Graziano
Also another name for a hamburger.

(secretly thinks that he's nice outside his hotheadedness)

Alastor Morax
Shadow T. Hedgehog
Possibly cuter than Monobear.

(secretly thinks that he's one of the few sane people in the camp)

Elizabeth Megidola

(secretly enjoys her outfit)


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